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How to treat Customers: Customer Service

I have come across many articles about how to treat customers and here is what it breaks down to:

Customer Service Tips

Make it easy for customers. Everyone likes easy and simple… make sure that your business makes it easy for the cusotmer to speak with the section or person they need to, in other words, don’t give them the run around.

Communicate with your customers.  When you are doing a job for a customer, let’s take a fence job for example…When you order the supplies and get the locates, permit, etc. done you should contact the customer when you know the materials are coming in and when a possible time is they can be put on the schedule.  This is courteous and they will appreciate it.  Don’t you like it when someone calls you when they are doing service for you??  Just remember that…

Own up to your mistakes. Nobody likes making mistakes and then getting caught or owning up to that mistake they made.  This is human nature, but in a business if you can’t own up to it then you will lose many customers and sometimes good ones.  The right thing to do if something is done wrong is to give them a coupon on the next job, service, etc.  Or if there is addtional work done, take half off.  You get the idea though, DO THE RIGHT THING. 

Treat others how you would want to be treated.  Let’s face it others have bad days too, everyone does.  If you talk to a customer who is just flat out rude and you have done nothing to them, stop and think that maybe, just maybe something has happened in their life and you never know what is going on with them.  So just think about that next time, just a thought.

That is just a few things to throw out there about customer service in my point of view….Treat others how you want to be treated BUT if a customer does not pay for the work you did and you went above and beyond then there is nothing wrong with taking action on that. 


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    You can also see this article at ezinearticles at: http://ezinearticles.com/?How-to-Treat-Customers&id=1903168

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